Deborah D. at 6/14/17

For several years, I have had a rash that became so severe I qualified for disability. It is characterized by itchy swollen peeling skin, red bumps and often weeping when the skin actually began to break down. I could not work and was often awakened two to three times during the night because of the itching. I had to wear gloves almost constantly, and taking a shower in even warm water caused a histamine flare-up and even more itching. It seemed there was no relief. Dermatologists prescribed several topical creams and ointments but they did not get rid of the rash. I changed my diet and eliminated all dairy products and gluten, which provided some relief. The last flare-up began about 8 months ago and was primarily confined to my hands and a couple of specific places on my face, although there were also minor patches on my feet and legs and on one elbow. The dermatologist I went to said that because of some of my allergies, the only option I had was to take a prescription medication called methotrexate, a strong immunosuppressant. However, when I researched this, I discovered that the side effects were more than I wanted to handle. Fortunately, I heard about Loma Lux Laboratories and Plymouth Pharmaceuticals through a local compounding pharmacy in the town where I live. The idea of taking an oral homeopathic medication appealed much more to me than taking methotrexate. My new dermatologist was willing to prescribe the two recommended medications: Eczemol and Psorizide Ultra and I started taking them in the morning on an empty stomach. Within just two days, my hands (and especially my left hand, which has always been worse) started improving! Best of all, the itching is almost completely gone – and this was virtually a constant problem and extremely uncomfortable before. The skin on my hands has become more pliant, I can apply lotion without the friction causing a major histamine reaction, the fissures on my hands are healing rapidly and taking a nice warm shower has once again become a pleasant experience! I highly recommend these products and the staff at Plymouth Pharmaceuticals, who have been extremely helpful and supportive.

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